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"Best 3 days ever!"
Travelled on the January 2014

The tour was without a doubt the highlight of my trip to Australia and I could not recommend it enough to people who haven't visited the beautiful island. I know several people that have visited with various other tour companies and all are extremely jealous when they hear my stories and anecdotes! We were lucky enough to have Troy as our tour guide and his genuine enthusiasm and love for the island made it such a personal and unique experience; he made sure we got the most out of the time there and showed us secret beaches, shared personal and historical stories about the island and generally treated us like friends as opposed to 'clients'. There were 31 people in our group, which was ideal to get to know everyone well and feel like part of an experience as opposed to the other tours we saw which were just coach-loads full of people who didn't get to drive around in 4WD's and have some fun and freedom! The food was delicious and campsite well-equipped. Despite being concerned about the wildlife (snakes, spiders and dingos!) before I went, we were told what to do should we encounter dingos in particular so I always felt safe and Troy was never far away if we needed him! The tour was in short simply amazing and I would travel all the way from the UK again just to do that again if nothing else. This tour is a fantastic, exciting, unique and personal experience that offers the freedom that other tours don't!

- Laura



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  • Submitted by Michael Morgan on Tue, 10/15/2013 - 22:05
    Check out Tourism Australias new promotional clip Be Changed.
    You have arrived.
    Something’s stirring as the sky rubs its eyes like the world is still blurry.
    Beginning the wondering under wandering wingtips
    and meandering coastlines.
    This is where it starts to matter. 
    The sun hits the planet on a different kind of angle down here.
    Piecing the story together, one road at a time.
    Tracing the Continue...

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    You have arrived.
    Something’s stirring as the sky rubs its eyes like the world is still Continue...
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